Walk-On Balconies

Extend your living area by creating an open space with a walk-on balcony by J.D.E Steelwork Solutions

A walk-on balcony provides a new dimension to your indoor space; office, bedroom, lounge or landing, a walk-in balcony creates space for you to experience the outdoors and take a fresh view of your surroundings.
Constructed to complement the architectural design of your building, J.D.E walk-in balconies are carefully manufactured to conform to building regulations in our own Shropshire factory.
  • Ideal for Domestic & Commercial Properties
  • Designed, Manufactured & Installed by J.D.E
  • Conforms to Building Regulations
  • Self Cleaning Glass Available


Walk-in balconies can be manufactured for you in brushed and stainless steel or mild steel and powder coated with a choice of clear, frosted and coloured glass to complement. Floors can be constructed from steel or natural timbers providing an ideal relaxing environment.

For bespoke Walk-on Balconies - Contact J.D.E Steelwork Solutions - 01952 840760.

     Walk-On Balconies - J.D.E Steelwork Solutions, Market Drayton Shropshire